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FDIC Rule 370?

Institutions with over two million deposit accounts must comply with Rule 370 data requirements and build an insurance determination system.

RCS 370 Version 3.0 Now Available!

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Our Software

Introducing the only off-the-shelf Rule 370 compliance product on the market

Regulatory Compliance System-Rule 370

RCS 370

Data Manager produces a complete Dataset for the Engine

  • Use RCS 370 to manage your data workflow
  • Identify platform data deficiencies
  • Aggregate multiple platforms into a Dataset
  • Iteratively improve data quality

Insurance Engine runs our proprietary algorithms

  • Scalable architecture can process over 100M accounts in 24 hours
  • Produces insured and uninsured depositor amounts
  • Contains hundreds of rules for thousands of scenarios
  • Feeds this data into the Compliance Toolkit

Compliance Toolkit ensures compliance

  • Spot Checker to internally audit results
  • Report Generator produces Rule 370 deliverables
  • Compliance Checklist to ensure nothing is missed

Trusted by the World’s Leading Companies

  • "Our clients include the majority of the 38 affected institutions trying to comply with FDIC Part 370. While searching for a solution, I attended meetings with Fintria's SMEs at a top 10 bank and clearly saw why they were selected over two larger competitors. After reviewing the solution provided by Fintria, we determined that this partnership was in the best interest of our clients to help them navigate the complex regulation."

    James Kessler
    James Kessler Senior Vice President, Publicis.Sapient

We Have You Covered

As the FDIC changes the regulation, we will update our system so you will always be in compliance. Maintenance patches and security updates are also included.

We Can Lend a Hand

Our experts can help reduce the risks, cost, and hours spent on manual components of FDIC Rule 370 compliance so you can focus on your business.

Compliance Advisory Services

Implementation Services

  • Provide software configuration and deployment expertise, facilitating seamless integration with existing network architectures
  • Optimize software performance to increase scalability and usability

Data Services

  • Assist with the enrichment of existing compliance data exports to support new regulatory requirements
  • Support the creation of data transformations to align in-house platform data domains with regulatory data requirements
  • Enhance data quality by identifying data gaps, performing data profiling and analysis, and improving establishment data management processes or programs

Operational Services

  • Alleviate the complexities of applying software security and functional patches with on-site support
  • Improve user familiarity with software functionality through on-site training
  • Support software operational issues associated with network architecture or infrastructure changes
  • Monitor and notify about changes to existing regulations
  • Perform a detailed impact analysis of changes to existing regulation on compliance processes

Compliance Assurance Services

  • Assist with answering auditor inquiries or requests for clarification
  • Provide detailed analysis of compliance gaps and areas with improvement opportunities
  • Support reporting needs to enable ease of identifying compliance issues

Build Vs Buy

We built one unified system for all affected institutions so you can get back to focusing on your business



• Estimated total cost of $0.93/account
• System development risks
• Limited implementation timeframe
• Scarce SME availability


• Cost savings of up to 70%
• Elimination of compliance risk
• Immediate compliance
• Leverage unique Financial Sector experience

Schedule a Demo or Free One-Hour Consultation With Our Rule 370 Experts

Our experts will answer all of your questions including:

• How to create a Rule 370 compliance plan with the given timeframe?
• How to get started assessing the state of your data (platform analysis, data quality gap analysis, etc.)?
• How to efficiently obtain third party data?
• Specific questions regarding building an internal system including questions around the FDIC’s Functional Guide