Making FDIC RULE 360.9
Compliance Easy

Covered institutions must provide a standard data format and the ability to implement a provisional hold.

RCS 370 Version 3.0 Now Available!

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RCS 360.9

Inbound Data Service

Our system ingests your various data sources from your database, flat files, or web service

ETL Services

RCS 360.9 aggregates data from your various platforms and maps your data to the required 360.9 schema

Rules Engine

The RCS 360.9 Rules Engine identifies any missing, incomplete, or invalid data, and allows you to iteratively improve data quality

Outbound Data Service

Allows you to download or transfer the five required output files directly to the FDIC

Provisional Hold Implementation

Provisional Hold Implementation Services allows you to leverage our 360.9 SMEs and technologies to assist your team in implementing provisional hold capabilities

Leverage your 360.9 Data Compliance to Reduce Rule 370 Compliance Cost

If you have more than two million deposit accounts, the RCS Data Link Module allows you to leverage your 360.9 compliance efforts to drastically reduce costs for the FDIC’s Rule 370 regulation.