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FDIC Part 370: Discover a Path to Compliance No Matter Where You Are In The Process...

Leverage Our Combined 50+ Years of FDIC Experience

Topics Include:

  • Data Enhancement: Identifying fields required for insurance determination, selecting a test platform, scoping your data cleanup effort, creating a project plan, and execution and validation of data cleanup.
  • Building a Compliant IT System: How to create a sample Dataset to test your IT system, interpreting the IT Functional Guide 2.1 to build your insurance engine, coordinating between SMEs, Business, Compliance, and IT.
  • Reduce risk and using subject-matter experts, Part 370 data specialists, and a proven off-the-shelf insurance engine that integrates with your existing systems. 


Loc Nguyen, Fintria

Part 370 SME

• 22 years of FDIC experience with 7 years managing deposit resolution and compliance

• Key player in the development of FDIC insurance determination apps

• Led the closing of over 200 financial institutions

Matt Rodgers, Publicis.Sapient Moderator

• Senior Manager, Regulatory Consulting Services

• Expertise in Dodd Frank, OTC Derivatives, Part 370

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